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Sunday, February 15, 2009


yung sa mga nag-iimvu ngayon, add nio naman ako sa imvu... xoxoJHAxoxo... yan po yung user id ko. . . yung krishane po na user id wala na po un kya dun sa mga nag-add skin dun, ahm...wala lng..bsta wala na ung krishane... geh, tnx sa pagbabasa! x]

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009

me and my avatar

waaahhh..... 'avtar' nakasulat dun.?
nu ba yun... :(

Sunday, December 21, 2008


i just want to share:

ive been researching about the word "flirting".. and here it goes:

scatter flirting is one type of flirting which means:

Scatter Flirting:
Some women flirt alternately with several different men at the same time until they got a positive response from one of them.

Admittedly, some people seem to be naturally flirtatious. Their smiles, laughter, and easy manner of relating tends to draw the opposite sex like a magnet.

Even if you aren't quite comfortable with the concept of flirting, these tips should provide you with the information you need to understand what flirting is, how to flirt, how to be flirted with, and enable you to get out and start flirting up a storm with class and style!

Deb's Flirting 101
  1. Avoid flirting with someone else's honey. You look less than righteous (rather trifling actually), and could really hurt someone's feelings or start something you are not prepared to finish.

  2. Don't expect that because someone flirts with you that you are owed their time or anything else. Relax! Look upon the flirtation as a pleasant way to pass the time.

  3. Don't flirt to make someone you are with (or want to be with) jealous. It will most likely backfire and you'll end up looking like a fool.

  4. Remember that flirting is subtle. Overt sexual innuendo (unless it's with your main squeeze) is not flirting… it's a proposition! Avoid verbal comments or behavior that could be construed as an overt sexual invitation.

  5. Lastly, flirt only with the one you really want, not the one that is easy to get. Often what happens is the one you really want is watching you, and then decides that you weren't really flirting with or interested in them anyway.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

true friend..flirting

You know, if you're a flirtatious person at heart, then that's just you.

Then she says in a friendly conversation, 'I'm just a little flirtatious.' ....OK, like that's not gonna make me worry., and I always notice her flirting with a lot of other boys. So I tell her this, and all the sudden shes in defense mode. 'I mean I goof around with our friends, like giving them a hard time and stuff. That is what I meant, so I don't flirt but I goof around and THAT could be considered flirting.'


Friend. What exactly is the definition of that word? Is it someone that is suppose to be there for you no matter what? Is it someone that you can tell anything to and trust them not to tell anyone? Well I'll tell you what its not.

its not someone that would ask for you to betray another friend. Well i thought i would just let you guys know what a friend wasn't.


sorry but im not in the mood to post right now.. my brain isnt working that fine..

Friday, December 19, 2008

bitching stinks

Personally, I hate bitching and moaning about every little problem that comes up..

Who do you think you are? start off like this.. Do you even KNOW who you are?
It's so funny how people act like who they WANT you to think they are.
I find it amazing how a person can be TWO totally different people...

It makes me laugh when I read your lies.. and it makes me laugh even harder when other people believe them.

I need to get this of my chest.Some folk's need a wake up call.If you know that you are doing something wrong STOP IT!!!! Give up the ghost,grow up take responsibility for your actions.

Most of us know the difference between right and wrong.When you ask a question be truthful,there for you should get a truthful answer.If you beat around the bush,thats what you will get.A bush and a big stick to knock yourself upside the head with.

Im just so tired of those looking for someone else to fill their void.

People are selfish.Therefor,they justify what they do.Whether it is cheating on their spouse, telling those little white lies.No one wants to be seen as a heartless bastard when they have wronged someone.So they tell themselves "it was their fault,if they had only given me the ______(fill in the blank)this would not have happened". That is one big crock of shit,we all know it is.

Nonsense blathering of a selfish person.You dont do as you should because you are afraid.Im not talking about the closet monster.You are afraid that you might be wrong.If you are true to yourself and the ones around you,you would do the right thing for everyone involved.

Ah,but you dont.Your lies become even more grandiose,you even start to believe your b.s.Here's a news flash your other half is onto you,they know somethings up.They resent you,you discuss them.Doesnt matter what your "new" interest thinks of you really.You are still in the cloudy area,where you need that "fix" that only they can provide.Only this person understands and accepts you the way you are.Bullshit,kiddo you are fooling yourself.What you have become or maybe you already have been all along is a lying,manipulative dreg of a human being.

If you are having an affair or considering one dont be ass and go for it.You will come out looking and behaving like a heartless bastard.Let's face it working on finding number two while you are still with number one is stupid.I've heard soooooo many excuses and thats all they are,are excuses.You do it because you feel justified,your needs are not being met whether emotionally or physically.Most of you are past the seven year itch.

If I have offended you,I cant help you there.You will just have to be offended.Life really is'nt cut and dry.To go around hurting others because you feel justified really stinks


btw.. another thing. i didnt say that im pretty.. here's my picture... hehehe..

to be FAIR enough.. might as well post my pic too

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